New Opportunity for FIS

Congratulations to LSG’s Family Intervention Services! The FIS department in Atlanta is part of a team that has received a sizable grant from the Administration for Children and Families to provide parenting and trauma treatment for participants in the DeKalb County Drug Court and their children over the next five years. Georgia State University Research Foundation organized the grant proposal and coordinated the agencies involved in the project, selecting LSG’s Family Intervention Services from among other parenting programs—an honor for the newly created FIS department in Atlanta. As a part of this collaborating team that includes Georgia Department of Family and Children’s Services and the Georgia Center on Child Advocacy, LSG will offer parenting education courses to the participants. This project will benefit the children of the participants in the DeKalb County Drug Court, some of whom have not received any parenting education. LSG is delighted to expand the agency’s services to support a group of children and their parents who are in need of the resources and programming that LSG offers. LSG is also excited about the opportunity to hire another case manager to provide the services for the project.