Yosef's New Ride

Last year Ann Greinke, a teacher at Faith Lutheran School, coordinated an effort to resettle a refugee family and then decided to donate something else to LSG besides her time and energy: her Saturn coupe. After receiving this generous donation, LSG presented a challenge to its refugee clients: the first person to secure a driver’s license would receive the car. Yosef, a refugee from Eritrea who spent much of his life in Kenya, responded to this challenge and began the process of obtaining his license. He studied the driver’s manual, got his permit, and eventually succeeded in passing the driving test. A former taxi driver in Kenya, Yosef already knew how to drive, but completing this process still required diligence and commitment. Although Yosef does not yet have a job, having this car makes him a more marketable candidate because he can access remote or rural work locations. In the meantime, Yosef is preoccupied with something else: the imminent arrival of his brother, sister-in-law, and their child to Atlanta. He is excited not only because he will be able to see them after many months of separation, but also because he will be able to pick them up in his new car and drive them around town!