Our Success Stories

Hawraa’s First Word


When eight-year-old Hawraa’s family first came to the United States, she was immediately enrolled in school, but she struggled to keep up with her peers. Inspiritus, formerly Lutheran Services of Georgia, helped her mother coordinate with pediatricians and specialists. The doctors discovered that Hawraa could hear almost nothing and therefore was unable to communicate with her family and classmates verbally. With the help of Inspiritus and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Hawraa was able to get hearing aids and began to speak the names of her siblings. Inspiritus worked with the family to enroll Hawraa in a special program for hearing-impaired students at an elementary school that would focus on literacy while also teaching sign language.

On Hawraa’s first day in her new school, her mother visited her daughter in the new specialized classroom. Hawraa was wearing large, very loud headphones and watching flashcards on a tablet, when she said her first word in English: “Elephant!” Her new teacher quickly praised a beaming Hawraa while her mother cried with happiness. Hawraa is loving her new school and new friends, and she proudly wears her hearing aids every day as she continues to catch up with others at home and in the classroom. 

The Crosswhite Family


When the Crosswhites started the adoption process, they were told by the case manager at the DFCS office “we are not accepting applications for adoption at this time,” and their hearts were broken. But then the case manager referred them to Inspiritus.

Soon after, the Crosswhites began taking classes with Inspiritus, completed their home study, and were approved by the state and Inspiritus to be matched with a child.

When they received a phone call from their case manager about a possible match, they were in tears. As soon as the Crosswhites read the children’s file, they knew they were meant to be a family. From the day the Crosswhites first met their children, they immediately wanted to take them home and keep them safe because they already felt as though they were family. The children were placed with their new family and six months later the adoption was finalized. Read Mrs. Crosswhite’s telling of her family’s story here.

Matthew’s Story  


When Matthew was only four years old, he entered Inspiritus’ Specialized Foster Care program in Rome. Matthew was diagnosed with a disability. He was also non-verbal and still in diapers. He had never been enrolled in school.

After Rome case managers placed Matthew in an Inspiritus foster home, he was immediately enrolled in school. With lots of time and attention from his new foster family, Matthew began speaking and was fully potty trained by the time he was adopted by his forever family.

Matthew is a joyful little boy, and it has been exciting for us to watch his progress. Matthew’s foster mother is still in contact with his adoptive mother, who sends pictures of Matthew often. Matthew is thriving in his new adoptive home and has even started talking in full sentences.


Reuniting the Rogers Family


After Mr. and Mrs Rogers’ three children were removed from their home and placed into foster care, they were referred to the Inspiritus Family Intervention Services program. Inspiritus staff created a case plan for the parents to follow to regain custody of their children.The family had multiple tasks to complete before the children could return home, but despite the emotional unrest, the Rogers put forth their best effort.

Throughout the case plan, the Rogers’ hearts were heavy and they missed their children dearly, but they remained steadfast. Many times, the children cried after visitations because they didn’t want to leave their parents, but the Rogers stayed strong for their children and ensured them they would return home soon. Even though they faced every obstacle imaginable, they made sure that every requirement on their case plan was met, and eventually the Rogers regained custody of their children and were happily reunited. Thanks to their commitment to improving their lives and applying the lessons learned in FIS parenting classes and counseling sessions, the Rogers are ready to move forward, together, as a family. Read the Rogers’ full story here.