Yeshey's Voting Story

Yeshey Pelzom, LSG’s Program Manager for Refugee Services, goes with her husband to vote early for the election. Like all the citizens around them, Yeshey and her husband wait in line and then fill out their ballots on the electronic voting machines. After casting their ballots, however, the couple does not immediately rush out of the building to get on with their day. This moment is too important for them. They turn to one another and celebrate, hugging and yelling, letting out all of their excitement and relief. Yeshey is voting for the first time. Born in Bhutan, Yeshey spent time in Nepal as a refugee before coming to the United States as an asylee in 2000. In 2010 she became a naturalized citizen of the U.S., making her eligible to vote in an election. And now, two years later, she finally had an opportunity to make use of this newfound privilege to vote. Congratulations to Yeshey and to many of our former refugee clients who are casting their ballots for the first time!