Trinity Serves

For the past five years, Trinity Presbyterian Church in Atlanta has partnered with LSG’s Refugee Services to set up apartments for newly arrived refugee families. During those five years, Trinity has helped to resettle seven families, and on Saturday, April 20, they helped two more families move in to their homes in Clarkston.

On April 20, Trinity held its annual “Trinity Serves Day.” After eating breakfast and worshiping with other members of the congregation, 18 volunteers from the church drove out to Clarkston—a couple riding in a big moving truck—to set up the two apartments. Having already collected furniture and household items throughout the past several months, some of the more muscular volunteers began to lug chairs, mattresses, lamps, and other items into the apartment. Others cleaned and dusted the floors and counters. While the crew was busy at work, another volunteer took the families to the store to stock up on groceries. It was truly a team effort.

Although they complete a major task on “Trinity Serves Day” by furnishing a home, the volunteers were not done helping out the families on that Saturday afternoon. Throughout the year, they will continue to visit the families to help them improve their English, purchase some groceries for them until they qualify for food stamps, and provide other practical support. They are committed to welcoming these newcomers to Georgia, and for this LSG thanks Trinity Presbyterian Church and its 18 volunteers!