At The Ballgame

Sitting in the bleachers with a bright sun overhead, munching on peanuts, listening to an umpire barking behind home plate: this setting is familiar and precious for many of us. Baseball is, after all, “America’s Pastime.” Yet for others, watching baseball is an odd activity: it can be difficult to understand the bizarre movements and confusing rules, not to mention the peculiar snacks like hot dogs and boiled peanuts that are served there.

For Tun, That, Zin Ko, and Mu, four Burmese refugees who recently came to Savannah as refugees, baseball was an introduction to American culture. On a Thursday afternoon in May, Allison and Jim Ward, two dedicated LSG supporters, treated these four Burmese refugees to a Sand Gnats ballgame. Allison and Jim explained to them how to score runs, as well as what the strikes, balls, and outs on the scoreboard meant. They also bought some nachos and boiled peanuts for the newcomers to try. Although a little hesitant about the food, the four guests tried the nachos and peanuts and enjoyed watching the game.

LSG thanks Allison and Jim for the hospitality that they showed to the four Burmese men and women. Tun, That, Zin Ko, and Mu appreciated that people wanted to take them to a sports game and teach them about American culture. You, too, can help us welcome refugees by taking them to a community event or spending time with them in other ways. If you would like to join us in welcome, please contact Deidre Harrison ( in Savannah or Melanie Johnson ( in Atlanta.