FIS: Healthy Families Have Hobbies

Thanks to New Year’s resolutions, January is typically the start of new habits and goals. It also just so happens that January is National Hobby Month. How convenient it is for all Foster Parents and children to take up new hobbies for the New Year. There are many hobbies that families can take up together that include, but are not limited to, sports, reading, games, art, learning an instrument, and/or karate. There are many benefits to taking up new hobbies for children. Hobbies can help with self-esteem development by allowing children to explore their own personalities, talents and creativity. Learning a new skill can lessen stress and help children easily define their purpose, especially during awkward period in their lives. Hobbies can also act as a bridge between parents and children who might experience a hard time connecting. Examples of bonding activities include cooking together, playing board games, or outdoor activities. Hiking and biking s are also examples of hobbies that can help make a family more physically healthy while promoting familial bonds.

Discuss with your family which hobbies interest each member of the family, then make time to do those activities. The more your family enjoys a hobby, the easier it is to stick to it. It is important to remember when taking up a hobby with your children that you should maintain a positive attitude and reward the children for their accomplishments. Children who are engaged in activities outside the school day are much happier than children who might become bored due to a lack of participation in the community. Boredom leads to poor decisions; hobbies lead to self esteem and positive personal development.