Kourtney Finds Her Forever Home!


Congratulations to the Morast family on their recent adoption!

Angelina and her husband first welcomed baby Kourtney into their home when she was just two months old.  On July 12, Kourtney, almost two years old, became an official member of the family!  She’s now the youngest in a large family, consisting of the couple’s five grown children and seven grandchildren.

When Angelina and her husband’s youngest child left home several years ago, the couple returned to fostering again after a 20-year hiatus.  They had been foster parents for many years, and according to Angelica, fostering has always been important to her.  Having a somewhat difficult family life as a child, she wanted to provide love and stability for children who were going through a difficult time.  After completing their paperwork and training necessary, they opened their home again and had ten placements in few years.  Those children were either reunified with their parents, placed with relatives or adopted.

When Kourtney was placed with the Morasts, Angelica she said she felt a strong connection with her. When adopting her became a real possibility, Angelica and her husband didn’t hesitate.  At first, her husband was unsure about fostering an infant, but once Kourtney was in their home, he quickly fell in love.  While fostering and going through the adoption process wasn’t always easy for the Morasts, the end result has been well worth the challenges.

Are you interested in opening your home to a child – either by fostering or adopting?  Click here to learn more about what is involved and how to get started.