Medicaid Critical to LSG's Services for Children, Adults and Seniors with Disabilities


The Medicaid program is critically important to LSG and those we serve. The host home services we provide for people with disabilities are paid for by Medicaid. This valuable program allows children, seniors and adults with intellectual disabilities to live in a home setting with a caring companion, instead of a institution, hospital or group home. We are deeply concerned about legislative proposals that would cut and cap federal Medicaid spending.

Currently, the Senate is considering legislation that would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The new bill includes a proposal to change the structure and function of Medicaid. If this becomes a reality, Medicaid would no longer be a guaranteed benefit available to seniors, children and people with disabilities that qualify. Instead, it would be a fixed amount of dollars (a per capita cap) that would be used to pay for some services, for some of the people who are eligible for the program.

Two-thirds of seniors in nursing homes, 39 percent of American children and over ten million people with disabilities rely on the Medicaid program. That’s why it's important to understand how these changes could impact the most vulnerable in our country.

Educate yourself about the proposed changes by visit our partner Lutheran Services in America's website:  We encourage you to contact your Senators (Senator Isakson and Senator Perdue in Georgia) to let them know your concerns about Medicaid cuts and caps.

You can use LSA’s Action Alert tool to send emails directly to your Senators. Click here to email now!