The Proposed Heath Care Bill Could Affect Care for Vulnerable Americas


Someone you love could be affected by the proposed legislation to replace the current health care law.

On March 6, Congress released the “American Health Care Act” that would restructure Medicaid and reform the Affordable Care Act.

In addition to making substantial changes to the health law, the proposal would drastically cut and fundamentally restructure the Medicaid program by converting it to a per capita cap. Per capita funding sets a limit for each person receiving Medicaid, any services above the limit would not be covered by Medicaid.  This action would effectively shrink federal Medicaid funding over time, putting those who are most vulnerable - children, the elderly and the disabled receiving services and support - in danger of losing coverage and access to care. This radical restructuring would shift substantial costs and risks to states, ultimately forcing them to cut benefits, restrict eligibility and reduce provider payments.

Fast action is anticipated in Committee to bring a final bill to the floor. This accelerated timeline means your voice is needed NOW more than ever! Educate your lawmakers that the House proposal to cut and cap Medicaid is unacceptable and is putting the health, safety and well-being of the most vulnerable at risk

Email Congress by clicking this link, which provides education on the impact of these changes. You will be asked to fill out a form so the action tool can identify your Member of Congress and email directly to his or her Congressional office. We cannot stress enough the need to voice our concerns clearly, loudly and often. Please share this alert with your colleagues, employees, and friends to maximize our message’s effect.

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