Welcome Home, Danielle and Darien!

children-huggingAfter moving from foster home to foster home, Danielle and Darien finally settled in with a stable foster home. Two years later, now 5-year-old Danielle and brother 3-year-old Darien finally found a permanent home.

On Saturday, July 3, 2015, the two children were welcomed home with a party. Their foster mother and foster sister drove them almost fours hours to start their lives. Their DFCS case manager also traveled several hours to celebrate.

As soon as the children arrived, their new mom, dad, big brother, and pet bird greeted them warmly. The house was decorated with banners, streamers, and life-sized balloons of Spiderman and Elsa, from Disney's Frozen. Danielle and Darien couldn't stop smiling as they showed off their bedrooms and their playroom, which already had their names on the walls in giant glitter letters.

Everyone ate a huge brunch and listened as the foster mom and foster sister told funny stories about the kids. Even though the foster family was sad to see the children go, they were thrilled that Danielle and Darien had found the perfect forever family.

After brunch, the adoptive family met with LSG and DFCS case managers to complete the necessary paperwork while the children played with their new brother and their foster sister. The foster mother took photos of the new parents as they signed all of the forms to officially start their family. Once that was finished, everyone ate again and watched the kids laugh and play and make themselves at home. Standing there, it was hard to believe that this hadn't always been home to Danielle and Darien.

LSG thanks the foster family and adoptive family for helping welcome Danielle and Darien into their permanent home.