The Millers' Adoption Journey

Sarah and Steven Miller both grew up in families that had chosen to adopt and believed in the special love that comes with adoption. So it was no surprise when, in November 2007, the Millers decided to adopt through LSG’s Cooperative Domestic Infant Adoption Program.

A birth mother quickly selected them as prospective adoptive parents. At first, Sarah and Steven were nervous about the openness and information sharing between birth and adoptive parents that comes with this form of adoption. After meeting the birth mother, however, they felt much more comfortable. They kept in touch with the birth mother until finally, in October 2008, Natalie was born. Three days later, the Millers brought Natalie home and began their life together.

In 2012, the Millers decided to adopt a second child through LSG. Again, they were connected with a birth mother, but the placement was unsuccessful. Georgia law gives a mother a 10-day revocation period in which she is able to change her mind about an adoption plan for her child. On the eighth day, the birth mother decided to parent her child, leaving Sarah and Steven deeply disappointed.

Yet Sarah and Steven’s adoption journey didn’t end there. They wanted badly to adopt a second child and, encouraged by their friends and LSG staff, decided to try again. In July of 2013, another birth mother chose them. Two weeks before the due date, Sarah and Steven received a surprise phone call from their caseworker saying that the baby had been born. They rushed to the hospital to meet Jonathan, their new baby boy, and brought him home four days later.

The Millers are grateful for their experiences with adoption and for their two beautiful children. “Both of our adoptions have been wonderful experiences,” said Sarah. “Adoption can be stressful, hard, and emotional, but it was all worth it when we held Natalie and Jonathan. We are so thankful for the birth families who chose us to be parents for their babies and for the openness we have with both birth families.”

Today, Natalie is an outgoing 5-year-old who enjoys reading, playing with her brother, and cheerleading. Jonathan just turned 17 months and is a sweet, friendly boy who loves to wave at passersby, play with blocks, and follow his sister around. Steven and Sarah stay in touch with Jonathan and Natalie’s birth families, sending photos and arranging occasional visits. The Miller family loves spending time together, and can’t wait to see where life’s journey will take them next.