Thank You for Giving on Georgia Gives Day!

Hero of Hope-page-001Thank you for supporting Lutheran Services of Georgia on Georgia Gives Day! With your help, we raised $4,265 on November 13, 2014 in one 24-hour period. LSG thanks everyone who donated, spread the word, or otherwise supported LSG in raising funds for individuals and families throughout Georgia. A special thanks goes out to all our Georgia Gives Day donors:

  • Ed Aebischer
  • Taylor Brand
  • Holly Brewer
  • Charles Bridgers
  • Lorraine Dorough (Gift dedicated to the Agency Advancement - "Thank you for 12 great years!")
  • Vedad Fatic
  • David Fricke
  • Jane Gaunt (Gift dedicated to Lorraine Dorough - "Have the greatest retirement ever!")
  • Richard and Marsha Goerss
  • Pamela Gould
  • Jennifer Hall
  • Sung Bae Han (Gift dedicated to the Dong Hang Worship Community)
  • Sharon Hermann
  • Gary Johnstone
  • Paul and Mary Kaeser
  • Abi Koning
  • Tom and Betty Koning
  • Emily Laney
  • Cynthia McGuinness
  • Gerhard and Joan Michael
  • Nathan Miller
  • John Oliver
  • Andrea Pietri Diaz
  • Angela Sapp
  • Linda Smith
  • Stephen Spears (Gift dedicated to Melanie Johnson - "Thanks for all of the hard work that you do helping refugees.")
  • Rev. Robert and Mrs. Strickert (Gift dedicated to Mark Strickert - "In loving memory of our son")
  • Janet Tharp
  • Wanza Trice
  • Fritz Wiese
  • David Wilson
  • Deborah Wilson
  • Natalie Yasson
  • Timothy Young

Thank you for your generosity! You are truly heroes of hope.

If you have any questions about Georgia Gives Day, contact Abi Koning at