Hunger Walk Totals

Each year, several faith-based nonprofits partner with the Atlanta Community Food Bank to raise money for the Hunger Walk/Run. Among the five nonprofits that worked with the ACFB this year, LSG was the top fundraiser, gathering $75,333.21!

The real work, however, was done by the Lutheran churches in the Atlanta area. Through a variety of fundraising drives and appeals to their congregations, they raised the vast majority of LSG's Hunger Walk funds. Thank you to all of our churches who raised money for the Hunger Walk and to the members of the congregations for contributing to the event!

Some of these congregations went all out for the Hunger Walk. Here is a list of the top 10 fundraisers among the Lutheran churches that participate with LSG:

1.Trinity Lutheran Church, $11,740.71 2.Cross of Life Lutheran Church, $7,154.39 3.St. John's Lutheran Church, $5,970.89 4.Rivercliff Lutheran Church, $5,734.00 5.Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, $5,392.00 6.Grace Lutheran Church, Carrollton, $5,033.00 7.Christ the Lord Lutheran Church, $3,605.00 8.Epiphany Lutheran Church, Conyers, $2,851.00 9.Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, $2,616.00 10.Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Woodstock, $2,558.50

Congratulations to Trinity Lutheran Church and all the other top churches in this year's Hunger Walk fundraising challenge! Thanks for making the Hunger Walk an incredible success!