Support Newly Arrived Refugees in Atlanta and Savannah

Refugee Family 2 When Mr. T. arrived in Savannah with his wife, teenage son, and baby on the way, he wanted start working immediately. He wanted to build a future for his family that would be better than the life they left behind in Myanmar. However, shortly after his journey to the United States, Mr. T. received devastating news. He was diagnosed with two separate medial conditions, one requiring surgery. Mr T. will not be able to work until he has fully recovered from surgery.

Most refugee families have a little more than a month to secure employment, which helps smooth their transition to economic self-sufficiency. Mr. T.'s medical conditions will delay his ability to work by two months, leaving the family without enough money to pay their rent. To add to their financial stress, Mr. T's wife gave birth one month early, and the family is using most of their financial resources to help support their newborn.

LSG connected the family to community resources that provide medical case management, free medicine, and baby supplies. Our staff has worked tirelessly to ensure that the family is safe and healthy, taking them to and from many doctor's appointments each week. Both parents are eager to work, and their 14-year-old son has asked many times when he can start working to support the family.

Like so many of our clients, Mr T. and his family have a bright future ahead of them, but will need some help along the way. By donating to LSG, you join LSG in giving individuals, children, and families throughout Georgia the support they need to reach happy, healthy futures. Please give today.