Stories from FACES: Michael and Joey thrive in new homes

Through its FACES (Facilitating, Advocacy, Care, Education, and Shelter) program, LSG provides care to adults with developmental disabilities. For the FACES staff, providing care means much more than making sure that each individual has a bed to sleep on; it means finding a home for every person. Through the generous contributions of time and energy by the staff who discover places for clients to live and by the in-home companions who support the clients, FACES often succeeds in giving clients the experience of being at a home. This success was summed up recently in a comment made by the sister of a client when the two of them visited a house that he would be staying in. Walking down the front steps of the house after the visit, the sister said, “This is not just a place; this is a home.” When given the comfort, support, and care that a home offers, individuals with developmental disabilities can thrive. Here are stories of two clients who have become more independent and self-reliant in their environments.

In February, 2012, Michael moved to a different host home and quickly acclimated to his new surroundings. Since then, he has demonstrated his independence by beginning to work at Dollar Tree and by using his own cell phone. Michael is thoroughly enjoying these and other opportunities that his new host home is giving him.

After being placed unsuccessfully into several homes, Joey moved to a new host home in October, 2011. In this most recent home, Joey has found the stability and support that allow him to express his feelings positively. He has shown great improvement in the past few years, making healthy choices, learning to communicate constructively, and immersing himself in the activities of his community. Joey now attends a day program, has a steady girlfriend, and recently went to the People First Conference on Jekyll Island.