Reuniting the Denver Family

After an accident in their home, Mr. and Mrs. Denver's infant daughter was removed and placed in foster care by the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). DFCS referred the family to LSG's Family Intervention Services (FIS) program. LSG staff worked closely with the Denvers to develop a plan for the parents to complete so their daughter could return to a safe home.

Mr. and Mrs. Denver were eager to complete their case plan as soon as possible. LSG's Supervised Family Visitation allowed the Denvers to visit with their daughter three times a week in a comfortable setting. Twice a week, the Denvers took LSG's SafeCare Parenting classes, where they learned skills to better care for their daughter. Because of their determination, they moved through the program quickly. Overjoyed, the family welcomed their daughter back home in December 2014, just in time for Christmas.

Despite the difficult circumstances, the Denver family is grateful for LSG's Family Intervention Services. Mrs. Denver said, "The Supervised Visitation program was good for us. We got a lot of support. Everyone was really nice and understanding of how difficult the situation was for us. It was nice to not feel guilty or judged. The SafeCare Parenting Program was also good for us, especially since this was our first child. We are at a time where everything our baby does could be dangerous. I use the skills from the parenting classes every day. I'd recommend SafeCare for people even if they were not required to take it. We are appreciative of the services we received."

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