Nancy's New Family

Before Lutheran Services of Georgia got in touch with Nancy, she had been living in a nursing home for a long time. Her family did not visit her or care for her, leaving her alone inside the institution. The nursing home staff, moreover, did not have the capacity to help Nancy improve her condition. Nancy got around with a walker, and no one helped her try to walk on her own. Although she continued to get by each day, she was far from thriving in this environment.

After LSG case workers finally learned about her situation, they placed her with a committed support companion, Sarah, who felt that she was called to provide support to those in need of it. During the time that Nancy has been in Sarah’s home, she has learned important daily living skills: to walk independently of a walker, do her own laundry, and read a little bit on her own. She also takes a bus by herself to a day program, where she learns community integration skills, and then finds her own way home again. Whereas the nursing home staff assumed that Nancy could not even walk by herself, Sarah has discovered that with the right support and attention Nancy can indeed become more independent.

But most important, Nancy is part of a family now. Sarah has welcomed her graciously, caring for her as a mother would. Along with Nancy, Sarah also provides support to Britnee, which means that Nancy has more than one person in her new family. Having lived most of her life without anyone to love her, Nancy is now living with two people that she can call family.