Mohsin Gets a New Car!

Over the holiday season, a generous donor gave her Dodge Durango to Lutheran Services of Georgia. Soon afterward, we found someone who could benefit from having his own means of transportation to and from work. Mohsin, an Iraqi man who recently came to the United States as a refugee, lives in Clarkston and works at a bakery in Norcross. With his new car, Mohsin will be able to get to work much more easily, and we're delighted that we could accommodate his need.

Mohsin and his wife Melad were delighted, too, and they expressed their delight and gratitude by surprising LSG staff with a cake during lunchtime on January 29. Here are a couple of photographs from the spontaneous party. LSG thanks Mohsin and Melad for their thoughtful and tasty gift and wishes them the best with their new car!

To see more photographs of Mohsin's new car and the impromptu celebration at LSG, please visit our facebook page: