Love at the Hatcher Home


Every day, in host homes all across Georgia, Lutheran Services of Georgia’s support companions provide excellent care, love, and belonging for  clients in our FACES program. FACES gives individuals with developmental disabilities the tools and support they need to thrive within their communities. In one Columbus household, Ms. Sarah Hatcher opened her home to two FACES clients who are now considered members of the community and her family.

In January 2013, Ms. Hatcher officially became a Host Home Provider with LSG. Soon after, Nancy B. was awarded her Medicaid waiver to receive services. Before living with Ms. Hatcher, Nancy stayed in a nursing home where staff treated her as if she was fully dependent on their care. As Nancy became part of the Hatcher home, she grew more and more independent. She no longer needs assistance with walking, dressing herself, or other daily living activities. Nancy enjoys her new life with Ms. Hatcher and can converse, write her name, and even read some. During the week, she takes a van on her own to Easter Seals, a day services program which helps individuals with disabilities connect with their communities.

Eventually, in June of 2013, Ms. Hatcher and Nancy agreed to open their home to Carol, another FACES client. Ms. Hatcher quickly observed that Carol had some medical concerns and took her to the doctor. There, Carol was diagnosed with a serious illness. Her doctor required a decision-maker to make medical decisions on Carol’s behalf. Ms. Hatcher was unable to serve as decision-maker, since doing so would be considered a conflict of interest. Fortunately, Ms. Hatcher had done an excellent job integrating both Nancy and Carol into the community and a church member stepped up to assist.

Ms. Hatcher supported Carol through her illness. Because of the ongoing care that Carol required upon leaving the hospital, it was uncertain if she would be able to return to Ms. Hatcher’s home. Determined to continue to provide a home environment for Carol, Ms. Hatcher underwent the training necessary for Carol to move back in. Today, Carol is healthy and lives a happy life with Nancy and Ms. Hatcher, her new family. She recently enjoyed a great 4th of July celebration and is constantly smiling. Ms. Hatcher continues to treat Nancy and Carol like family members, inviting them to family holidays, vacations, and more. The Hatcher home is truly a place of care, community, and love for all three women.