Knitted with Love

knitting Ginny Wold hates to sit with her hands idle. Whenever Ginny has a spare moment, she knits. As her knitting needles clatter away, she makes beautiful blankets, hats, mittens, and scarves that will help keep others warm.

Ginny's love of knitting started while she was in grade school. Her grandmother would knit socks for World War II soldiers on needles that her father made out of metal rods. Ginny learned how to knit then, but didn't start knitting seriously until the early 70s when she decided to make afghans for her entire family. Her knitted winter hats, mittens, and scarves warmed her children and grandchildren through the winter months.

About 15 years ago, Ginny decided to participate in the Mitten Tree at her daughter's church. That was her first foray into knitting for people beyond her family and close circle of friends. Since then, Ginny has knitted baby caps for the hospital, lap robes for nursing homes and homeless shelters, shawls for a police department's elder abuse unit, hats, mittens, and scarves for school kids and adults who walk to work, chemotherapy caps for cancer clinics in Arizona and Georgia, baby blankets for LSG refugee clients and adopted children, and fancy scarves and stoles for Lutheran Services of Georgia fundraisers.

Ginny has no intentions to stop knitting. She said, "I don't like to sit with my hands idle. I receive yarn from family and friends and friends-of-family and family-of-friends. Right now, my craft room is pretty full, but eventually it will all get used and sent off to help keep someone warm."

LSG thanks Ginny Wold for helping keep so many of our clients and supporters warm.