Introducing LSG's new program: Lutheran Behavioral Health Services

When Lucy Cannon’s brother suffered from depression, she wanted to know why. She wanted to know how she could help. Initially thinking that she was going to be an interior designer, she changed her plans after this personal experience and studied social work at Florida State University. She then obtained a master’s degree in social work and a doctorate in education. Over her career, Dr. Cannon has been, among other things, a counselor, a professor, a manager of mental health and substance abuse services, and an auditor of Medicaid Services. Married to a man in the United States Army, she even worked on an American military base in Japan, counseling families of U.S. military members who suffered from drug addictions. Dr. Cannon continues to provide mental health and substance abuse services as a consultant for the U.S. Navy Reserve, Southeast Region. Dr. Cannon’s extensive experience with mental health and substance abuse has led her to Lutheran Services of Georgia, where she will be overseeing LSG’s newest program: Lutheran Behavioral Health Services. Designed to address the growing need for core services such as psychological testing, substance abuse treatment, and individual outpatient services, this program will benefit not only the families and individuals that LSG serves, but also families throughout Georgia, where hundreds of thousands of people lack these core services. LSG is currently in the process of applying for Medicaid funding and is excited to be able to offer these crucial services to the community in the near future.