Gloria's Appeal

Gloria and her husband Tom first came to LSG to adopt a baby from overseas. When their prospects for adopting a child internationally became less likely, they were presented with the opportunity to adopt a sibling group of three from outside Atlanta. After becoming certified as foster parents through LSG’s Foster-to-Adopt program, Gloria and Tom began visiting their children in February 2008 and finalized their adoption in May 2009.

Gloria became more involved with LSG a few months after adopting her children. In November 2009, she was elected to LSG’s Board of Directors and began to serve a three-year term. In May 2010 she was elected Secretary and serves on the Executive Committee and the Governance Committee of the Board of Directors.

Recently, Gloria wrote an eloquent appeal in the newsletter of her employer, urging readers to support LSG’s Foster Care and Adoption programs, both of which she knows intimately. You can read her letter below.

This newsletter is focused on a different type of “recruiting.” As many of you know, we support foster and adoption programs through the non-profit Lutheran Services of Georgia. You too can help children in foster care find their “forever” families through the support of adoption.

LSG has been asked by the state of Georgia to help connect children in permanent foster care with parents from around the country. These children may be of minority heritage, mentally or physically challenged, over the age of eight, or members of a sibling group that needs to be adopted together; in other words, those considered to be difficult to place. Such children often stay in foster care until they “age out” unless identified by a Georgia family interested in adopting them. Potential adoptive families from other states have difficulty being considered for these children since there is not an easy mechanism for following up with these families and placing the children across state lines. Permanency for a child is LSG’s number one goal, and by expanding the pool of available families, they will help at least 20 families this year adopt the children who need them the most.

The funding for this special grant requires LSG to raise a 25% match through private donations, which comes to $7500. I know from my experience that adopting these special needs children is a life-changing event. Seeing our sibling group of three blossom into healthy, happy, well-rounded kids is a small piece of heaven on Earth. If you are interested in helping create new “forever” families like mine, please visit Lutheran Services of Georgia and click on the “Donate Now” button today.