Getting to Know Blair

Many of us know Blair in his role as President and CEO of Lutheran Services of Georgia. But he, like everyone else, has a life outside of the office. Learn a little about that life by reading the Q & A below. What is your favorite movie? Blair: I have so many. I like action/adventure. I’m going to have to say The Die Hard series.

What is your comfort food? Blair: French Fries.

Where do you like to vacation? Blair: Cancun.

What is the best part about working in this new office building? Blair: Location. Location. Location.

What item do you always put in your office? Blair: That mural. When I ran the juvenile services division for the state of Connecticut, one of my incarcerated teenagers painted that jazz mural for me, so I always put that up on the wall because it shows me the kind of talent that we keep locked behind bars versus not realizing the talent outside in the real world. If we could do the reverse, we’d have a much better society.

If you were isolated on an island and could only have three books, which three would you choose? Blair: The Bible. A comic book. Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

How do you alleviate stress? Blair: Work out.

What does your typical Sunday look like? Blair: I visit lots of churches on Sunday. When I was a vicar in Baltimore I did the 8 o’clock service and then I also did the 11 o’clock service. And then after that I’m normally a guest preacher at someone else’s church and then we end up either at home for a late dinner or a restaurant.

What is one thing you hope to accomplish before turning seventy? Blair: Abolish poverty—if I could.

What is the most important word or phrase or quotation in the English language for you? Is there something that captures your life philosophy? Blair: “Excuses are the building blocks of nothing.” Those who excel in them seldom do anything else. I don’t know who said it, but it’s something I’ve said to myself for a long time. We allow excuses sometimes to get in the way of real productivity and creativity. So if we excel in excuses, nothing will ever get done. That is another one: “Do not go quietly into the night.” So those two are probably the two important ones that I loop together as a focus for me and anyone I talk to.