Get The Facts About Refugees in Georgia!


1) 80 percent of refugee households in Georgia are working and paying their own expenses within six months of arrival--the highest early self-sufficiency rate in the country!

2) Refugees in Georgia are a net asset to the state within six months of arrival and contribute more to local, state, and federal budgest than costs associated with their initial resettlement.

3) Annually, Georgia's communities welcome 2500-3000 newly arriving refugees!

Today, Lutheran Services of Georgia and the Coalition of Refugee Service Agencies (CRSA) gathered at the Georgia Capitol to share these and other facts about refugees with state legislators. The New Americans Celebration aims to raise awareness and understanding of refugee contributions to our state.

Click here to get the facts about refugees in Georgia. You can help raise awareness by sharing this information with members of your communities.

For more information on the New Americans Celebration, click here.

Thanks for joining LSG in welcoming refugees to Georgia!