Adoption Clients Surprise LSG Staff at Fundraiser

Jean, Jordan and Micah
Jean, Jordan and Micah

While participating in a recent fundraiser at Glory Haus, a decorative accessories retailer in Marietta, Georgia, LSG’s Rome staff received a surprise visit.  On January 22, the LSG Rome staff gathered at the shop for the Purchase for a Purpose fundraiser.  Though the cold, rainy day brought less than ideal weather conditions, shoppers were still eager to get their hands on the fun, unique inspirational home and holiday items that Glory Haus stocks.

While our staff was busy welcoming and assisting customers and sharing information about LSG’s programs, they were approached by a mother-daughter couple.  The two introduced themselves as Jean and Jordan.  Jean, the mother, rested her hand on Jordan’s shoulder as she told us, “She’s from Lutheran.”  Jean and Jordan continued, explaining that Jordan and her brother were adopted through LSG when they were young children.

Now 26 years old, Jordan tells her adoption story with pride.  Always open and honest with her about her adoption, the family still celebrates her adoption day each year.  Jordan revealed her love and appreciation for her parents, their support, and their openness. She expressed her gratitude for LSG and what the agency does for children, adults, and families in need in Georgia communities.

Jordan is now a youth minister, and regularly shares her adoption story as part of her testimony to the individuals she serves.

It was wonderful meeting  Jean and Jordan! We are so grateful to them for sharing their story and for supporting Purchase For A Purpose and shopping specifically that day to support LSG.

In many ways, it was a testament of the lasting impact LSG has on the lives of children, adults and families.  Our surprise visitors touched our hearts and reminded us of the positive ripple effect in the work we do.