FACES: A Safe, Happy Home for Tim!

Tim is an 18-year-old who has a diagnosis of Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome, which causes him to experience delayed growth and development.  He and his siblings were adopted as young children, and as he grew older he began having aggressive episodes toward his family.  Tim did well in school, so the Behavioral Specialist and Psychiatrist felt Tim may do better behaviorally if he lived outside of his home.  His Planning List Administrator contacted LSG to see if there was an available home.  LSG found a home that met CPA requirements and began the matching and pre-placement process, and found a home seemed to be a good match for Tim.  Since his move two weeks ago, Tim has not had any aggressive episodes in his new home and has made a smooth transition to his new school.  Tim not only has the support of his “new” family, but he is able to maintain contact with his biological siblings and adoptive family. LSG is thankful to be able to have found a happy, healthy, and safe home for Tim!