CEO and President Gary Danielsen: LSG is on the move!

Reducing overhead, to be as efficient as possible in order to provide maximum support to serving people, is always a challenge for non-profit service agencies, especially when economic times are difficult.  Last month, LSG signed a 10-year lease with United Way in Atlanta, located at 100 Edgewood Ave., in the center of the city. We will occupy the entire 18th floor – the top floor of the building. The expiration of our current lease at the Arthritis Foundation building in May afforded us the opportunity to identify an office location that not only provided easy access to MARTA and state offices, but did so at a considerable cost savings as well. Our parking capacity is increased, safety is enhanced, our interior space is more efficiently designed, and the lease comes with a year of free rent spread out of over the first two years. In the 10th year of our lease, our cost per square foot will be less than we pay currently! Good stewardship of resources is an ongoing factor in determining how well we are able to serve those in need. Hopefully, this move will enable LSG’s next decade  to be marked with continued growth in bringing hope, healing, and strength to people in need in Georgia.