Adoption: The Difficulties of Finding Homes for Older Children

One of our major challenges in the adoption program is finding a permanent family for older children.  The average age of a child waiting for a permanent family in theU.S.foster care system is approximately 8 years old.   Parenting older children presents many challenges.   Loss is a significant experience and often is repeated.   These experiences may leave them with unresolved emotional issues.    Often these children experience multiple models of parenting and expectations. Yet, according to our successful adoptive parents, adopting an older child can be a great joy and gives a child a since of security, love and belonging.   Parents adopting older children need community and familial support, and an understanding of themselves and their own issues.

Our agency welcomes families who are willing to open their hearts and homes to older children to meet this great need.  To support this effort, the federal government offers States incentives to States to provide permanent adoptive families to children in foster care.   The State and Federal Government Office offer assistance, medical insurance and supportive services to families adopting older children.