Brenda: Happy to Be Gardening Again

Brenda with our Intern Jake

Brenda with our Intern Jake

Brenda grew up on a farm, and working in the dirt and growing her own food had always been a part of her identity. When she moved into assisted housing for individuals with disabilities, she assumed her gardening days were over.  Then one day Inspiritus showed up at her housing complex to talk about Healthy Gardens, and Brenda was elated.  She enthusiastically signed up for a raised bed garden to be built outside her apartment for the next planting season.  

For Brenda and many of her neighbors, gardening has become a great source of accomplishment and pride. 

"I love gardening,” says Brenda.  “Having a garden is both a necessity and a pleasure for me.”

In addition to the emotional benefits, Healthy Gardens helps Brenda and her neighbors reduce their food expenses while eating more fresh vegetables. Healthy Gardens empowers the participants to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

"It is very beneficial to your grocery bill." Brenda says.  "The fact we can grow our own food lets us not have to choose between food or medicine."

When asked the program has impacted her life, Brenda stated, "Most people want more money and to be rich, but if you ask me, I am rich. My garden was ‘God-given’ and me and my community couldn't be more thankful."