Inspiritus Introduces Refugee Youth Career Pathways Program


At Inspiritus, our refugee and immigration team recently launched a Refugee Youth Career Pathways (RYCP) program in the metro Atlanta area, and we are looking for volunteers to mentor and share their career experiences with teen and young adult refugees.  The RYCP program is designed to guide and assist young men and women ages 16-24 who are interested in pursuing skilled and professional careers in a variety of fields. Mentors will work with refugee youth to assist them in identifying their career goals, developing job readiness skills, and learning more about their career of interest.  

“Most youth have difficulties when trying to secure their first job and establish a career path. Refugee youth encounter the same difficulties along with their own set of unique struggles” says Spencer Clark, RYCP Case Manager. “By using a multi-faceted approach, the Refugee Youth Career Pathways program makes accessing meaningful employment in America more attainable. Whether through career development classes, one-on-one counseling, or a mentorship, RYCP participants obtain the skills needed to achieve their career goals and aspirations.” 

Youth enrolled in the Refugee Youth Career Pathways program work closely with the RYCP Case Manager to achieve long term career goals. Steps taken to ensure goals are met include:

  • Individual Career Development Planning

  • English Language Training (if needed)

  • One-on-one Career Counseling

  • Career Development Classes

  • Career Mentorship

  • Training Referrals

  • Higher Education Referrals

  • Other Services As Needed

  • Volunteer Mentors Needed 


Want to learn more about this opportunity to have an impact on the future of a refugee teen or young adult? Please join Inspiritus for our Refugee and Immigration Services Volunteer Orientation on Sat. March 2nd or Sat. April 6 from 9:30 -12:30 am. We will be discussing this new volunteer to serve as a Refugee Youth Career Pathways (RYCP) Mentors.  

If you work in the healthcare, medical, or teaching fields, or are a flight attendant you are strongly encouraged to come! Please join us to learn about all the volunteer opportunities Inspiritus has to offer and to make a difference. See the link below for information on our Volunteer Orientations: 

Click here to register for March 2, 2019 Inspiritus Volunteer Orientation! 

Click here to register for April 6, 2019 Inspiritus Volunteer Orientation!  

 For more info on this exciting new volunteer opportunity, contact Grace Paulsen at