LSG Helps Natural Disaster Victims in Georgia


LSG has been helping Georgians affected by natural disasters for more than 13 years.  We've recently started disaster work in the Coastal Georgia region, working with families affected by Hurricane Irma.   In the past six months, our disaster work has been focused on assisting those affected by Hurricane Matthew in the Savannah and Tybee Island regions as well as those with damage from the Tornadoes that hit the Albany area and that work is still continuing.

Here are a few of our recently completed projects:

The Jones Family


When the Jones* Family was hit with Hurricane Irma, they had just recently completed repairs from Hurricane Matthew on their one story home on Tybee Island.  Irma’s flooding resulted in a lot of interior water damage, and while they did have insurance that covered some of the recovery, they were still left with items to replace and repairs to make. 

When LSG stepped in to help, project managers realized that there was also work to be done on the roof.  The Jones’ roof was first damaged by Hurricane Matthew and had been replaced by a contractor, but unfortunately, the contractor did a poor job.  LSG helped coordinate the materials and the labor for the roofing job. A group of volunteers from Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Athens to assist with the roofing and other projects.  Our staff and volunteers assisted with the interior repairs and was able to get new furniture for the family.

Volunteers take a break from their work to pose for a photo.

Volunteers take a break from their work to pose for a photo.


Leonard Heath*


When Leonard’s home in Savannah was hit by Matthew, he was already in a rough place, physically and emotionally.  He was grieving two recent losses—both his adult son and his mother had recently passed away--and had health issues that had left him disabled.  LSG stepped in to help him replace his roof that was badly damaged in the hurricane.  Our team coordinated the repair of the roof, getting estimates, acquiring discounted materials, working with the contractor and then reviewing the work when the project was complete.  Though most of the damages from the hurricane were to the exterior of Leonard’s home, his interior needed work as well.  When our disaster recovery team first met with Leonard, he used crutches to get around his home and it was affecting his quality of life.  He needed to use a wheelchair, but the narrow doorways and few steps made his home inaccessible for a wheelchair.  LSG arrange for some volunteer groups to make his home more livable. The volunteers cleaned out the house and assisted in replacing broken windows.  LSG’s team and volunteers from Statesboro First United Methodist Church and First United Methodist Church of Lawrenceville then worked to make his home more accessible.  Reworking his bathroom so his shower was stepless, widening door openings and putting in ramps.   

Leonard's shower in the process of becoming wheelchair accessible.

Leonard's shower in the process of becoming wheelchair accessible.

Albany Area Recovery Work

LSG has been working with Albany Relief and Recovery to repair homes damaged by the 2017 tornadoes that struck the area.  Albany Relief and Recovery is coordinating recovery efforts for the area, working with LSG, other nonprofits, volunteer groups and donors to aid those affected by the storm. In all, Albany Relief and Recovery has repaired or replaced roofs on more than 500 homes in the region. 

Here are several pictures of the homes that LSG has helped repair or replace the roofs.


You Can Help

In the event of a disaster, we rely on the generosity of others to provide help where it is most needed. 

Is your church, community group or business interested in volunteering to help with repair and building projects? LSG is looking for volunteer groups who are interested in assisting with recovery efforts.  Groups interested in volunteering should contact Lauren Cruickshank or Al Kates.

 *Names were changed to protect privacy.