Rachel's Transformation

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Updated March 1, 2019.

 At Inspiritus, we are grateful for our many host home providers and the critical role they play in helping individuals with intellectual disabilities live a fulfilling life.  Mary Evans is one of Inspiritus caring and compassionate host home providers.

Several years go Mary welcomed Rachel Moore, a 21-year-old woman with intellectual disabilities, in her home almost.   Rachel’s mom had passed away several years ago, so she was living with her dad.  While her dad loved Rachel deeply, he found himself unable to meet her care needs and provide the supervision needed for Rachel’s safety and well-being. 

After she moved in the Mary, Rachel’s health and hygiene has improved dramatically.  Mary has her eating more nutritious foods and well balanced meals, and now Rachel at a more healthy weight.  Mary dedicates time to teaching Rachel proper hygiene and self care, boosting Rachel’s independence and self-esteem.

The Inspiritus Supervisor/Recruiter noticed a significant change in Rachel since being in Mary’s care.

“Mary has spent time with Rachel introducing her to things that she has not been exposed to.  She’s taken her to get her nails done, her hair cut in a more flattering way and purchasing age appropriate clothing for Rachel. Rachel lights up whenever she does any of those activities and enjoys showing off what they have done," says Connie Parrish, former Inspiritus Supervisor.

While living with her dad, Rachel spent a lot of time alone and unsupervised.  Her dad’s long hours at work and his home in the country far from neighbors and community resources left Rachel with little socialization.

“Now Rachel has become much more outgoing.  She used to be very quiet, but now she’s more talkative and loves going to her day center,” says Mary.  “She’s really doing great.  She’s flourishing.”