The McAdams Family Grows Again!


November is National Adoption Month, a month to knowledge and celebrate families touched by adoption!  At LSG, we are fortunate to witness many lives changed when children in foster care find their permanent home.

Earlier this month, nine-year-old Gavin was welcomed into his forever family. His parents and eight new siblings celebrated the finalization of his adoption as he officially became a “McAdams!”

His parents Candy and Kevin have made a huge impact on many children’s lives over the years.  They’ve opened their home as foster parents to multiple children in need of a temporary home and have adopted five of those children.  They’ve also recruited several of their friends to foster with LSG, including the Roers who recently finalized the adoption of their two children.

The McAdams have nine children total – seven through adoption and two through childbirth.  Their adoption journey began in 2000 when the couple adopted their nieces after Candy’s sister died.   Then Candy, who works as an elementary school teacher, learned that Timothy, one of her students with special needs, was in need of a permanent home, and she felt like she was being called to open her home again.

After the couple adopted Timothy, LSG began contacting them about other children who needed homes, and there answer was almost always “yes.”


The McAdams have learned a lot about love, children and welcoming in their years as foster parents.

 “One of the biggest challenges is gain the trust of the children.  They’ve been through a lot.  You have to teach them and show them that when you say you are going to do something, you’re going to do it,” says McAdams.

Candy says that dealing with the ups and downs of fostering and adopting through foster care can be difficult.  Gavin first came to their home when he was four years old.  The McAdams hoped they would be able to adopt him years ago, but then a family member requested custody.  Gavin moved in with the family member for a year, but the arrangement didn’t work out. When he returned to their home, the McAdams were thrilled and welcomed him with open arms, and they begin the process of adopting him.


Candy has always made sure that children they foster are treated the same as any member of the family.  “We don’t treat our foster children differently than our biological or adopted children.  When we go on a vacation, the whole family goes.”

What inspires Candy and Kevin to continue opening their home and growing their family?  “It’s knowing that we are helping those who need it.  That maybe we can change the world one child at a time.  I think that one child can do great things if they have a good foundation, and I think about the person they’ll be when they grow up.”

When asked if she has any advice for those considering fostering or adopting a children in foster care, Candy says that you have be able to love all kinds of children.  Candy says “you are not necessarily going to receive the love that you are giving, but it’s still worth it in the end.”