Sponsor A Refugee Family

We work tirelessly to create first homes for refugees who have just arrived in the United States. We help them set up new lives here by helping them find jobs, develop English skills, learn the culture of their new community, and so much more.

You can work with us to help guide these individuals in their new homes in the following ways:

Lutheran Services of Georgia - Mother & Daughter Picture

First Home: Collect donations of furniture and household items and set up the refugee’s first home.

First Food: Stock the pantry for a refugee family with suggested non-perishable food and prepare a culturally appropriate first meal to provide much-needed nourishment after extensive and exhaustive travel.

First Friends: Welcome newly arrived refugees at the airport and walk alongside them during resettlement as they adjust to life in a new country by visiting them, practicing English, and helping them get acquainted with their new community.

For more information about how you can help support refugees in Atlanta, please email Janelle Moore.

To help support refugees in Savannah, please contact Lauren Cruickshank at lcruickshank@lsga.org.