Lutheran Services of Georgia, Lutheran Services in Tennessee Are Now Inspiritus



The new name Inspiritus embodies the essence of our mission and vision. Inspirit means to fill with strength or courage, and that is what we do. We help individuals and families discover their inner strength and resilience and guide them on a path from surviving to thriving, leading to a more fulfilling life. We inspirit.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Name Change

Why change names?

In early 2019 Lutheran Services of Georgia and Lutheran Services in Tennessee merged, making “of Georgia” and “in Tennessee” outdated and inaccurate. Therefore, we felt the timing was right to rebrand ourselves.

Our board and staff felt that the name no longer accurately reflects what we do and who we serve. There is often confusion in the community because many people assume you have to be Lutheran to benefit from our services or to get involved, volunteer or donate.

The new name will allow us more opportunities for engaging communities outside of the Lutheran tradition and open the door for more partnerships outside of Georgia.

Why Now?

Last year, LSG’s Board of Directors approved a new strategic plan for 2017-2020. During the strategic planning process, the board adopted new mission and vision statements, and the staff developed new measures of success that emphasize guiding people on a path “from surviving to thriving.”

We feel that the name Inspiritus better reflects the mission, vision and “surviving to thriving” measures outlined in the strategic plan. The strategic plan also included plans to strengthening our brand to help accomplish our goals of growth to new areas and increased community engagement.

Why did you remove Lutheran from the name?

Transitioning to Inspiritus is not a move away from our Christian roots and faith. Instead, the name intentionally references the Holy Spirit that guides our work and that lives inside of each person. In removing “Lutheran” from our name, the intention was not to move away from our Lutheran identity but rather to create a space where all feel welcome.

Are you still a Lutheran organization?

While both the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (LCMS) were founders of LSG and remain key stakeholders, LSG has always been an independent 501(3)(c) organization. Nevertheless, our Lutheran heritage is an important part of who we are. The majority of our Board is comprised of Lutheran members. We have judicatory reps on our Board from both the LCMS and ELCA. None of that has changed. We have only changed what we are called and have chosen a name that embodies both our mission of strengthening, encouraging and lifting up vulnerable people AND honors our Christian and Lutheran roots.

Does this change your affiliation with national Lutheran partners?

Under the name Inspiritus, we will remain a part of the Lutheran Services in America network and a partner ofLutheran Disaster Response and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service.

Are you changing who you serve or what you do?

No. We are still offering the same services to families and individuals who have experienced disruptions in their lives.

We have only changed what we are called, not who we are or what we do.

Are you expanding outside of Georgia?

Yes. We have recently joined together with Lutheran Services in Tennessee, so we will now be serving populations in middle Tennessee. By changing our name, we will be open to other opportunities to serve beyond the borders of our state.

Who decided to change the name? Who chose the name?

The Board voted to change the name at the Quarterly Board of Directors meeting on May 17, 2018. At the August 16, 2018 meeting, the Board approved the name Inspiritus.

The name was decided on by a committee made up of Board members that included clergy and representatives from both the LCMS and ELCA branches of the Lutheran Church along with CEO John Moeller and other key staff members and led by an outside public relations firm.

The decision to change the name was not taken lightly. The committee consulted a range of our stakeholders and a variety of experts and met with several Lutheran social services agencies who have changed their names in the past 5-10 years.

Will your phone numbers change?

Our phone numbers will remain the same.

What changes will I see? Will your web address and email addresses change?

In early January, you will begin to see Inspiritus and our new logo on all of our communications. If you visit any of our offices, you’ll see new exterior and interior signage with the new name and logo.

For now our web address will remain and our email address will remain the same with the ending. In mid-January, we’ll switch over to web address and email addresses.

As a pastor or church leader, how can I share this information with my congregants?

We have developed some text that you can use for your bulletins, newsletters and other methods of communication.

Our new logos are available to download below.