At Inspiritus, we guide individuals and families whose lives have been disrupted on a path from surviving to thriving. Our name is derived from the word inspirit, which means to fill with strength or courage, and that is what Inspiritus does. Inspiritus helps individuals and families discover their inner strength and resilience, leading to a more fulfilling life. We inspirit.


What we do

Inspiritus offers programs and services designed to ensure each person we serve is progressing in the four areas of a thriving life: basic needs, stability/safety, community integration and self-sufficiency/self-determination.


Our Impact

With over 35 years serving Georgia and Middle Tennessee, Inspiritus has impacted the lives of thousands of children, families and other individuals.


how you can help

Inspiritus relies on our supporters, volunteers and community and corporate partners. We invite you to join with us and help increase our impact in the communities in which we serve.