Employing Refugees

Lutheran Services of Georgia - Smilin woman with head wrapped

Finding a job in their new country is one of the most important goals for refugees once they arrive in the United States. When you choose to employ a refugee, you give hope and stability to an individual who has been forced to flee their home, which is an incredibly important tool that they need to rebuild their lives in a new place.

Refugees are legal, employment-authorized immigrants who are highly motivated and often very skilled workers. They are people just like you, but who have been forced to flee their home countries to escape war, persecution, or disaster. If you are able to provide stable employment for a refugee taking part in our program, please contact Aimee Zanganduo in Atlanta and Lauren Cruickshank in Savannah.


“DATAMATX has partnered with Lutheran Services for over 10 years to help us staff some of our production positions.  We hire refugees for a variety of reasons.  Many have education and skills; they are loyal and hardworking; and they help increase our diversity.  We are proud to help them establish new lives and gain self-sufficiency.”

-Jennifer Hall, SPHR
Director of Human Resources, DATAMATX


“I’m very happy from the services I received at Lutheran. They helped me find a good job relative to my past work experience in construction. I couldn’t have found this job without the help from Lutheran staff. They treated me as a client without any discrimination in any regard. Thank you to the Lutheran staff, I’m very happy.”

-Mohammad F.